Defensive Tactics and Handcuffing

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Capacity: 16 - Available: 11
Date: Thursday, April 26, 2018
Registration Deadline: Friday, April 20, 2018
Time: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Instructor Location:
Jersey Community High School - Gym
801 N. State Street
Jerseyville, IL 62052
Instructor: Ben Brooks holds a AAS in Criminal Justice from Lewis and Clark College and is a graduate (with honors) of Southern Illinois University of Edwardsville. He has nearly twenty years of experience in both corrections and private security. Mr. Brooks is an experienced defensive tactics instructor, teaching police officers and military personnel during his coaching career, as well as being a certified personal trainer with the American Council on Exercise.

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Meets IL Mandates: Procedural Justice | Use of Force

Course will cover:

            A) Cuffing positions on the arms:

                 Under-hooks and Over-hooks, near and far arm, unilateral and double-locked, and for individual and partner cuffing.

                      1. Hammerlock

                      2. Bar Arm/Chicken Wing

                      3. Russian Tie

                      4. Double Wrist Lock

                      5. Toe hold

                      6. Lancashire Lock (Leg Hold)

            B) Escaping from bad positions, then getting to cuffing positions or disengaging:

                      * Lockdown escape from the bottom to referee position

                      * Using cuffing position techniques as escapes from bad positions (#1 through #6 above)

            C) Attack avoidance and defense:

                      * Students will learn basic concepts for use in defense of common attacks.  These include punches, body locks, lifts, chokes, joint locks, takedowns, mount, side mount, guard positions, and disarms.  Students are encouraged to ask questions and present positions/attacks they have found themselves in or are concerned about.

                      * The concept of using and blocking muscle recruitment will be taught to students.

            D) Takedowns to cuffing positions:

                      * Grape-vine takedown

                      * Clinch position and takedowns