Training During Phase IV-Restore Illinois

7/6/2020 10:23:00 AM

General Requirements:

  • No physical contact
  • Minimum of 6 ft. distancing at all times
  • Allow for accommodations to utilize PPE
  • Ensure that no more than 50 people are ever in the same room at one time (MTU 9 will be holding classes at larger venues to accommodate for the social distancing)
  • Provide surface wipes, hand sanitizer and other items to class participants and instructors upon request
  • Require class participants to bring an adequate supply of PPE, including masks and gloves (MTU 9 will provide students with these items also)
  • Reduce and eliminate the ability of individuals to congregate in enclosed areas, i.e., hallways, restrooms, etc.
  • Removal for Illness:  Any participant who exhibits or reports signs of illness will be removed from the class and asked to undergo a medical evaluation before any subsequent return is allowed.  In such instance, the participant's incomplete status will not count against receiving credit for attendance of said class

Classroom Trainings:

  • Classrooms should have easy access to, and entry from, the outside to minimize any person-to-person contact and to avoid congregating in hallways and entrances
  • Class participants must be seated at least 6 Ft. apart, preferably more.  Instructors shall follow CDC and IDPH guidelines to the extent possible when directing participants and conducting coursework
  • Classrooms should have washrooms in close proximity and instructors shall coordinate staggered breaks to avoid congregation.
  • Classrooms shall be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before, during lunch break and after class. 
  • At no time will food or snacks be allowed into the classroom or training area.  All meals will be consumed offsite.
  • Class participants shall be asked to wash their hands before entering the classroom and any time they reenter.  Hand sanitizer shall be provided in the classroom and shall be available to participants at all times.

Firearms Training:

  • Officers participating in firearm requalification must be managed in small groups.  Any classroom component, questionnaire, or written exam shall be conducted to minimize any person-to-person contact and to reduce congregating in hallways and entrances.  Each group shall have one range master.
  • The Range Master shall assign and place participating officers on the shooting line with at least 6 ft. between each participant, preferably more.  The Range Master shall follow CDC and IDPH guidelines to the extent possible when directing participants and conducting the requalification.
  • Range Masters must conduct their instruction and course of fire in a manner that completely avoids physical contact.
  • If possible, any "touch points" within the range facility will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before any officer participation in the range qualification
  • Participants shall be required to wash or sanitize their hands before participating in any portion of the requalification.  Hand sanitizer shall be provided in the classrooms and available to any participant.  Participants are encouraged to bring their own personal protective gear.

Physical Skills and Tactical Trainings:

  • Before being allowed to participate, attendees must be screened and temperatures should be checked.  Any attendee recording a temperature of 100.0 degrees or higher, or displaying symptoms of a respiratory illness, must be dismissed without penalty.
  • In addition to the masks and PPE required under the proposal, please add the requirements to wear goggles or full-face shields for instructors and participants involved in practical and scenario trainings.
  • Intense scenario and practical trainings should be conducted at a modified reduced speed to reduce the risk of PPE becoming dislodged and to minimize exhaling, sweating, and secondary contact as much as possible.
  • For any activity that may involve working with a partner, attendees must be assigned a designated partner that shall remain their partner for the duration of the training.
  • After each physical, scenario-based, or practical training, allow attendees to promptly change and bag their clothes.








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