Registration/cancellation/absenteeism policy

Registration & Attendance

It is MTU 9’s policy for the employing agency to register their officers for training courses and that officers may not register themselves for courses without their supervisors’ approval.

MTU 9 courses are filled on a first come - first serve basis. Registration forms  are made available on this website and MUST be completed by the Sheriff, Chief, Training Officer  or designee and submitted to MTU 9 via email,  Once the registration is received by MTU 9, a confirmation will be sent back to the agency representative via email. The student’s name will then be placed on the class roster.
Should a class reach its capacity, a “waiting list” will be created. Students on the “waiting list” cannot attend the training unless a cancellation occurs. The Sheriff, Chief, Training Officer or designee should inform MTU 9 of cancellations as soon as it is known the officer cannot attend. If there is a waiting list and a cancellation occurs, MTU 9 will contact those on the waiting list in the order they were received.
Students must attend 100% of a class in order to receive a training certificate from MTU 9.   

Course Cancellation

In case of course cancellation on short notice, MTU 9 will contact all affected departments as soon as possible via email or phone.  If course is cancelled in advance of one week of date scheduled, the affected departments will be contacted by email, phone or on this website.

No Show/Cancellation Policy

MTU #9 recognizes that, on occasion, agencies must cancel their planned attendance at our training programs. However, we also need to protect our oftentimes considerable contractual expenses and related investments in training. "No shows" at our training programs can have a negative effect on cash flow and can reduce much needed training revenue. This lost revenue can never be recouped.

Most importantly, "no shows" mean an actual, calculable loss of access to our training on the part of member departments. Spots at training courses are finite, and determined by the type of class and the size and characteristics of the training facility. "No shows" waste those spots and wasted spots can never be recovered.

It is imperative that sufficient notice of such cancellations within 7 days before start date of class be provided to MTU #9. In order to ensure that neither space at our training programs nor our financial resources get wasted, we can replace the cancellation with a name from the standby list, or if need be, cancel the training course.  Furthermore, a department may substitute without notice should one of their officers be unable to attend THE day of class.

Therefore, West Central IL Criminal Justice Council-MTU #9 has instituted a No Show/Cancellation Fee of $50.00 to be invoiced to member agencies/non-member agencies within a week of an officer’s absence from a training course in which he/she was registered.  

If an agency is unable to provide advance notice of its intent to cancel course registration because of circumstances beyond its control, the Director will have the discretion to waive this payment. Any requests to waive No Show/Cancellation Fee must be made to the Director in writing.


If invoice payment reaches 90 days past due, that agency will be required to pre-pay for all future registrations. If invoice payment reaches 150 days past due, that agency will have all training privileges through MTU #9 suspended.