Registration/cancellation/absenteeism policy

Registration & Attendance

It is MTU 9’s policy for the employing agency to register their officers for training courses and that officers may not register themselves for courses without their supervisors’ approval.

MTU 9 courses are filled on a first come - first serve basis. Registration forms  are made available on this website and MUST be completed by the Sheriff, Chief, Training Officer  or designee and submitted to MTU 9 via email,  Once the registration is received by MTU 9, a confirmation will be sent back to the agency representative via email. The student’s name will then be placed on the class roster.
Should a class reach its capacity, a “waiting list” will be created. Students on the “waiting list” cannot attend the training unless a cancellation occurs. The Sheriff, Chief, Training Officer or designee should inform MTU 9 of cancellations as soon as it is known the officer cannot attend. If there is a waiting list and a cancellation occurs, MTU 9 will contact those on the waiting list in the order they were received.
Students must attend 70% of a class in order to receive a training certificate from MTU 9.   

Course Cancellation

In case of course cancellation on short notice, MTU 9 will contact all affected departments as soon as possible via email or phone.  If course is cancelled in advance of one week of date scheduled, the affected departments will be contacted by email, phone or on this website.

Student Cancellation/Absenteeism

From time to time the supervisory personnel fail to notify MTU 9 of a cancellation and students on the “waiting list” are not given the opportunity to attend the class. Cooperation regarding this cancellation policy is needed to maintain overall effectiveness, including cost of materials, instructor fees and catering. Following this policy will also assist in maintaining class size.
When MTU 9 experiences class attendance shortages by personnel who do not attend the class(es) they have been registered for or attend without proper registration, it creates several problems:
  • The class has limited enrollment and other officers are deprived of the educational opportunity when a registered officer does not attend.
  • Materials costs and catering are based upon the number of officers registered.
  • The size of the course is too small to achieve the course objective and would have been cancelled because it is neither cost effective nor provides a favorable learning environment.
  • The required number of attendees for the course is then too low to meet the grant’s minimum requirements for funding and the course would have been otherwise cancelled. Therefore, your department will be responsible for paying a prorated cost for that “absent/no show/no notification” officer.  The cost will be based on the Total Cost of Course divided by the number of required attendees to meet the grant’s minimum requirements.  Notification must be made within 48 hours before commencement of class in order for penalty not to be assessed.
  • The instructor is present and prepared for instruction. His/her time is valuable and therefore must be compensated even when no students arrive for class.
The Mobile Training Unit is designed for and takes into consideration the complexities of scheduling, last minute emergency circumstances beyond a department’s control, such as illness, police emergency, etc. MTU 9 is only asking for enrolling departments to contact our office as soon as possible when it is known an enrolled officer cannot attend a training session.
MTU 9 does not charge police agencies the cost of the vacant seat for “no shows” at this time on regular courses only “grant” courses.