Tuition Policy


In order to share the burden of the expense of the training courses provided by MTU #9, Non-Member tuition will be charged to attend MTU #9 classes.  Non-Member tuition shall apply to officers from State/Federal agencies, and officers from Local Law Enforcement agencies which are not a member of MTU #9.  Tuition amount will be determined on a class-by-class basis, based on the total cost of class divided by the seats available, but not less than $50.  Non-member tuition may be waived on some training programs at the Director’s discretion and will be noted on course announcements.

Non-Member tuition amounts will be clearly noted on all course announcements.

Tuition will be invoiced to departments upon course completion.


If a pre-registered student from a Non-Member agency fails to attend a West Central IL Criminal Justice Council (MTU #9) program, and the agency fails to provide advance notice within 7 days of the start date of that class, the agency will be invoiced the entire amount of the student’s tuition.

If an agency is unable to provide advance notice of its intent to cancel course registration because of circumstances beyond its control, the Director will have the discretion of waive the payment of tuition fees.  Any requests to waive tuition must be made in writing to the Director.


If any tuition payment reaches 90 days past due, that agency will be required to pre-pay for all future registrations.  If any tuition payment reaches 150 days past due, that agency will have all training privileges through MTU #9 suspended.