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Full-time Police Officer position is open for the City of Greenfield.

                                                Job Description:    

  Police Officers are charged with the duties of preservation of the peace, order, and safety of the City; and also with the duties of protecting the rights of persons and property, and by enforcing all laws of the City and of the State of Illinois.

                                                Job qualifications:                  

                                                                    It is suggested that anyone submitting an application, possess the proper credentials which allows them to perform the duties of  police officer. Individuals must be 21 years of age to be a police officer. 

                                                                    Other qualifications that is required by the State of  Illinois and by the Personnel Manual.  See the Chief of Police for further explanations.  Candidates must also pass a thorough background check performed by the Chief of Police.

                                               Starting pay:   $30,000 to $40,000

                                               Benefits:    Vacation, Sick, and Comp time

                                                 Health insurance is not offered by the city.  A stipend is provided for assistance on a personal health plan.

                                                 Applications may be picked at the Greenfield Police Department 511 Chestnut St. in Greenfield on Tuesdays and Wednesdays between 9am and 1pm.

                                                 Résumés may also be mailed to Chief John A. Goode, at 511 Chestnut St. Greenfield, IL 62044. Those who wish to mail a Résumé will also be considered and mailed an application.

                                                 This vacancy will be posted until November 9, 2018 at 12:00 p.m. All applications, that are on file at that time will be reviewed and considered.  It is the intent of the City to take action on this position at a date to be announced.

Divernon Police Department

Full and Part Time Police Officer Opening


Minimum Requirements Required for the Position are:

  • Part or Full Time Illinois Certification
  • No Felony or Disqualifying Misdemeanor Convictions
  • Available to work weekends, days and evenings shifts along with occasional week days and holiday

If selected for hire Officers will be subject to:

  • Pre-employment fitness and drug screening
  • Background investigation

Application can be obtained at or in person at 50 E. Brown Street, Divernon, IL 62730.

Deadline for applications being turned to the Divernon City Hall is 11/13/2018.

Phone (217) 628-3355

  Fax   (217 628-1314